On My Desk, January

With the beginning of another year, it’s been a busy month with lots of information crossing my desk. Here are a few of my favorites –

Microsoft:  Announces Windows 10 with loads of new features:  Free Windows 7 and 8 upgrades, new faster IE replacement browser, Xbox streaming and more.  Find out here

TinyJPG:   Reduces the file size of your JPEG and PNG images.  Every uploaded image is analyzed to apply the best possible JPEG encoding. Based on the content of your image an optimal strategy is chosen. The result is a quality image without wasting storage or bandwidth!  I’ve been using this service for a month with very good results.  I’ve been able to reduce a 1+MB image files to 100KB or less is a real space save and increased load times on my websites.  I created a link to this website. After loading it, I can drag n drop images from my folders.  Love this service. Check it out here

Iconset: Free Ribbon Social Icons by DesignBolts.  IconArchive offers many more free icons, too.  Check them all out!   Download


BJ&G, LLC: I created a new website for the law firm, Brosius, Johnson & Griggs, LLC, located in Columbus, OH.   If you have a law firm and need a new website, please contact me for free consultation on your website needs.   Check out the new website here

How To Write A Meta Description That Gets Click-Throughs:
Columnist Neil Patel explains how meta descriptions factor into SEO and provides helpful tips for improving them.  Optimized

Best Practices for Safe Computing:  Prevention of Malware Infection: Common sense, Good Security Habits and safe surfing is
essential to protecting yourself from malware infection. No amount of security software is going to defend against today’s
sophisticated malware writers for those who do not practice these principles and stay informed. Knowledge and the ability
to use it is the best defensive tool anyone could have. This includes educating yourself as to the most common ways malware
is contracted and spread as well as prevention.  Protect yourself

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Avoidable Small Business Marketing Mistakes

Guilty!  Okay…I’ll be the first to admit I’ve made too many avoidable marketing mistakes .  Over the past 30+ years  of running my own small businesses,  I would hope that I’ve learned something along the way.  But as I read through this article linked below, I was amazed (and disappointed) how quickly I forgot some of the basics such as testing marketplace first before launching,  defining what makes my business different (and unique) from competition, sticking with what works (stop trying to reinvent),  identify my customer (who’s buying and recommending me), or undervaluing my product and service.


This article is a quick and valuable reminder of where to focus and where marketing priorities need to be.  As you read through it, be honest and check those areas that you either need to work on or perhaps didn’t consider. Then think about how you can APPLY those to your marketing endeavors.   Small Business Marketing Mistakes

Top-25 photos from Flickr in 2014


If you’re a photo enthusiast like me, I’m positive you will enjoy these 25 of the best rated photo’s, selected from the hundreds of millions of photos uploaded on Flick in 2014.

Flickr compiled this list based on a number of engagement and community factors. The photos were scored by looking at a combination of social and interactive elements, including how often the photo had been faved and viewed, among others.

View photos here >

11 Actionable Content Marketing Articles You May Have Missed in 2014

By now, you’ve read that “content is king” enough times to make your head spin.

And you already know that if you want to build an engaged audience, you’ve got to over-deliver by providing super valuable content.

Pardon the content marketing buzzwords, but I think we can all agree that “understanding that quality content is important” isn’t a marketing strategy. It’s common sense.

If you want your hard work to really pay off … READ MORE

Who Offers The Best Online Streaming Video Services?

Do you own a Blu-Ray DVD player with wireless connection or streaming devices?  Want to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your TV or computers but not sure which services is the best for you?  With the popularity of video streaming, it’s now just a matter of which service to access.  It is a great way to get rid of your cable bill, but you have to weigh the ‘easily and timely accessible’ to wondering if your favorite shows will be still be available.

My suggestion is to keep your cable TV until you can try out some of the online video streaming services first.  For example, Netflix and Hulu offer the largest catalog of programs, and offer free trials or limited access for free so you can take it for a test run.  You may find you aren’t using it as much as you thought, or aren’t as comfortable with it as you thought.  Then if you like it,  simply subscribe for only $8 a month for full access.   Another less expensive option is Amazon Prime Instant Video.   It comes with their Amazon Prime subscription (free shipping, Kindle book and other benefits), and is only $79 a year and offers newer movies before many of the other services, but lacks in TV programming.

There are other free or very low cost services, or pay as you view services too.  Many of these are focused on specific topics or interest, so you can select based one your preference and viewing interest.

After a month or two, you find you are using your streaming video service all the time and no longer use your cable TV, then it’s time to call your provider and request a disconnect.  But remember you will need your Internet wireless, and most likely it’s bundled with your cable TV.  If you’re cable company wants to charge more, then you might do some shopping for other providers in your area at a better price.

For an overview of the top online streaming video services, Tom’s Guide has put together a nice overview of  the different services. Do you have a favorite service or one you want to recommend?  Let us know!  For an overview, click here >

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NASA Just Emailed A Wrench To The International Space Station

For the first time ever, hardware designed on the ground has been emailed to space to meet the needs of an astronaut. From a computer in California, Mike Chen of Made In Space and colleagues just 3D-printed a ratcheting socket wrench on the International Space Station.
 Photo credit: Commander Barry Wilmore shows off a 3D printed ratchet / NASA

Photo credit: Commander Barry Wilmore shows off a 3D printed ratchet / NASA
“We had overheard ISS Commander Barry Wilmore (who goes by “Butch”) mention over the radio that he needed one,” Chen writes in Medium this week. So they designed one and sent it up.   Read complete story >