Tips to Improve your Social Media Strategy

You want to manage social media for your business?  Fololia offers great advice on getting started and sustaining a growing presence.  Creating profiles on social networking is the first (and most easy!) step. Then it’s on to forming a strategy and implementing the tools to promote your brand and your business.   Here are some tips to act, analyze and improve your social media strategy:

Choose your channels.   Think mobile.   Remain active.   Images for engagement.    Schedule for posting.    Analyze the effectiveness of publications.    Strategic watch.    Find brand ambassadors.    Be reactive.    Send newsletters.


But what does all this mean?  How do you implement these ideas and techniques? How is it going to help?  What does all this have to do with a game of Tiddledy Winks?   (maybe nothing, but that is for you to figure out.)

For an overview of these tips, simply click here >

Branding Your Business Online in 2015

Mastering branding online takes a lot more than a cool logo and catchy slogan. Experts play by a fresh new set of rules.harp300

It’s no longer enough to have a sleek website, social-media presence, and consistent brand aesthetic online. The new rules of branding your business on the Web have a lot less to do with presentation, and a lot more to do with interaction. In order to bring you up to speed, has compiled nine of the most innovative and ingenious tips from articles, guides, and interviews in Inc. and over the past year. These are the new rules of branding online.  read more

Need to create a resume?

ineedaresumeNeed to create or update your resume?  Here’s a simple to use
resume creator that will make the task a breeze to complete.
Just follow the menu and before you know it you’ll have a new
resume ready to send out.  Some of the nice features include it’s free
to use and store your resume, automatically saves your information
so it’s easy to continue or update, information is stored on their servers so no one else sees it, plus lots of examples to give you inspiration.   You’ll want to check it out here >

DIY: Color-Tinted Skeleton Leaves


I’m usually not one to post DIY projects, but I thought this one was so cool I had to share it.  It’s a project that can be fun for the whole family.  And the results are very cool!   I have to say I’ve never seen anything quite like this before, but the outcome can make for an interesting decorating idea for your home or office, or a great personalized gift for family and friends.

This DIY project doesn’t cost much to do, and takes only a few hours to complete. Of course, you’ll need some leaves so depending on your area this might be something you’ll have to wait to do.   If so, be sure to mark this page for future reference when you’re looking for something to do in the summer.

For complete instructions on this project, check it out here >