When to Upgrade to Windows 10

windows10-logoRecently I was asked whether it’s a good idea to install Windows 10 as an upgrade for Windows 7 or 8 since it’s new release. You might see the small ‘Windows’ icon on your task bar just begging to be pushed (Get Windows 10).  My opinion based on previous new versions of Windows (since W95) is to wait.

Why Wait?

First – you have a full year to upgrade for free, so there really is no hurry.

Second – as with previous new releases, Windows has a tendency to be ridden with bugs and issues which means your computer may not operate properly For example, device drivers may not load properly which could affect your computer and programs; Wrong or non-available drivers can affect devices such as wireless connection, printers, external devices, video and sound cards. Incompatible software programs may not run properly, which can be a whole new set of problems.

Third, upgrading ANYTHING on a computer can be unnerving for you and your computer. Since there is no rush, wait for a few months to let the manufacturer’s work out driver issues. Check with your respective component manufacturers to find out of they have Windows 10 drivers, updates and patches available. Even if you purchase a new computer that comes with Windows 10, your older peripherals may not install properly if you plan on using them.  Don’t just assume they will.  Remember if you’re upgrading, your current operating system will no longer be available and you may have to do a complete reinstall to go back.

Ask yourself the question as to whether you NEED to upgrade. What is the advantage?  Will the move benefit you some way? I understand there is the novelty of having the latest and greatest, but that is not always to your overall benefit especially if you are running software that you need for business.

Give Microsoft at least 3-4 months to work out most of the critical issues.  If your software and/or hardware manufacturers haven’t resolved driver and software program update issues, if available,  request to be put on their email list for announcement.   Just tread lightly and in the long run, you’ll be happy you did.

Ready to Upgrade Anyway?

Okay, I gave it my best shot, but you are adamant about upgrading anyway.   If you haven’t check to see if your computer hardware is compatible with Windows 10,  you need to go to Microsoft’s website to run an analysis.  It’s a good idea to read their Important Notes, Feature Deprecation, Additional Requirements, etc., which cover compatibility issues and let’s you know they are not responsible for anything that happens to your computer.   And I can’t stress enough – be sure to back up of your files before doing the upgrade!   To find out if your computer is compatible, click here >

What Upgrade Versions of Windows 10 Are Available?  You will be kept on like-to-like editions of Windows.

Windows 7
– Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic and Home Premium will upgrade to Windows 10 Home
– Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate will upgrade to Windows 10 Pro
Window 8
– Windows Phone 8.1 will upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile
– Windows 8.1 will upgrade to Windows 10 Home
– Windows 8.1 Pro and Pro for Students will upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

For further information on how to Upgrade to Windows 10 for free and other questions and concerns, click here >

Good luck and happy computing!

July 4th Graphic Designs

One of the reasons I enjoy different holidays throughout the year is designing new graphics from some of the websites I maintain for my clients.   Below are a few examples of July 4th celebration graphics.  The first image is from photo’s I took for a local community parade this year.  Please feel free to click on the picture to view over 100 photo’s of floats and participants.  The other 2 graphics were used on different websites.