GIFs As An Art Form

GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) images have been viewed for decades, but never really considered a deliberate form of art.   It was more a smaller file size that would load faster on computers or mobile devices, and offered some type of animation.  But it’s crude and very basic limitations  was not taken seriously as actual art.

Recently there has been a increased interest in creating animation GIFs because of their fast load times, compatibility across all platforms, and unique image perception.   Below are just a few of my  favorite examples of different expressions created by exceptional artists. Be sure to click on their links for more examples of their creations.


prt_350x481_1433261702Steve Wilhite of CompuServe was the engineering lead on the team that adapted the GIF file format.


unomoralezUno Morales is also known as the “pixel painter.”


carlburton2Carl Burton – One of my favorites.  Be sure to view his other work –   Great use of spaces and environment.



kurkdjianGuillaume Kurkdjian 



There are web sites dedicated to this art form, such as and Take a look at those for inspiration and to be dazzled.


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