A Homeowners Association website is more than just pretty pictures

I’ve been creating homeowner association websites for over 10 years.  Also, with years of experience as a board member on my local HOA, I’ve tried to learned what is important to the trustees and members, and ways to keep everyone informed.   I recently updated one of my local HOA’s website since it was time to ensure it was more compatible with all formats offered on computers and devices.  Also, I added scrolling full-width banners plus a mobile version.


“I just checked out the new desktop version of the Summerfield website and it looks awesome! Really great job!” – HOA President

With homeowners association, most of the information won’t change. This includes deed restrictions and code of ethics by-laws.  There is other information that is posted and archived,  and this will include minutes of meetings, newsletters, names of trustees (new officers and volunteers, local resources and such.  Then there is the information that is update continuously such as local events such as annual garage sales and neighborhood gatherings.  This varies from HOA to HOA since some are very proactive and like to organize neighborhood events, whereas other HOA’s aren’t motivated to do much except what is expected.   So I will have some of the HOA’s sending me information almost weekly to post on the website, and others send information periodically.

As the webmaster, it is my job to make sure the website is kept fresh and up-to-date no matter how active the HOA board may be.  This is one of my main reasons why HOA’s contract me to maintain their web presence.  If I’m not going to bring more to the table than what they can do themselves, what’s the point?   So I constantly add local events (parades, fireworks, and Halloween for example), plus create nice graphics for national holidays.   I will attend many of the local events and shoot pictures to post on the websites such as the parade and garage sales.   I organize a local Mega Multi-Neighborhood Garage Sale with 4-5 local neighborhoods sharing cost in local newspapers so we can attract more potential buyers.  Also, I will post the event on social media which is free. All this helps ensure we have a good turnout (weather permitting) and happy participants and trustees.


Besides creating and maintaining the websites, I offer ways to help offset costs to the HOA by offering local advertising and ad insert into their newsletters.  A simple ad insert into a newsletter can save the HOA anywhere from $100 to $200 per mailing.  With postal costs on the rise, this can help keep dues from going up.   Also, I help the HOA’s set up an emailing system with opt-in/opt-out features which is very effective in getting out timely announcements and emergency notifications.   Some of the association’s asked me to help set up a Paypal account so their members can pay their annual dues by credit card.  This option alone has help some of the HOA’s increase members payments, which is money need to maintain lawn care and other HOA services.

A homeowner’s association website is a refection of the board which it’s members entrust through their dues.   Providing a professional, attractive, current and interesting website is my goal.  If your homeowner’s association website is not living up to your expectations, please contact us for a free consultation.

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