Free Fonts!


As a web developer and graphic designer, it seems there are never enough fonts for some of the projects I work on. Selecting just the right font to complete a project can be time consuming and, sometimes, just frustrating and costly!

H E L P  I S  H E R E !

A website called Font Squirrel has done the work for us and offers 100% free for commercial use fonts.  The fonts are presented in an easy-to-use format for fast searching.  Other extra’s include a beginners guide for those new to fonts, and searches by recently added, most popular, what’s hot, languages, and more.

If you are looking for a specific type of font (that’s me!) then check out their different classifications and tags.  There’s also a Font Filter to weed out licenses and size, languages and more.  This site is just about the easiest and complete font resource I’ve seen in a long time (and I’ve been around a long time) so this might be something to at least check it out for future reference.

The only downside I experienced was some of the loops I had to go through to download some of the fonts.  Many fonts are ‘Off Site’ which means going though a 3rd party  website and ‘join’ or ‘sign up’ to download the fonts.   Thankfully there is a filter called ‘Local’ to view and download just the fonts stored on the Font Squirrel website.  By default, the website shows ‘All’ downloads.  It just depends on how set you are on using a specific font and taking the time to sign up for another service.


Just out of curiosity I select Handdrawn  fonts and local only.  It presented several pages of fonts. I then selected the same type of font but ‘show all’ for results. There weren’t that many more offered in this case, so it worked out okay.

So I tried another example, this time choosing Most Popular Fonts. Again, using the filter option, I toggled between Local Only and Offsite Only.  Both rendered about the same amount of fonts, but I did think the Offsite Only had a better selection of more unusual and current trending fonts.

In conclusion, if you like to mix things up and try different fonts, this website will be right down your alley.   Searching for free fonts can be very time consuming, so this site could help in your search, and most likely, provide you with more options that you will ever use.