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The FBI is issuing additional information and warnings regarding the fraudulent online sale of cars, recreational vehicles, boats, and other outdoor equipment. Criminals are posting online advertisements of items that are not, nor have ever been, within their possession.
From May 2014 through December 2017, the IC3 received approximately 26,967 complaints with adjusted losses of $54,032,396 related to these types of fraudulent sales.
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It’s been busy and fulfilling

Sorry for not posting in a while but I’ve been working on websites, graphic designs, plus other everyday stuff that somehow eats up a day.   But I wanted to share one favorite projects this past month which was creating a new logo and some other graphics for my favorite local pizzeria.

Celebrating their 18th year in business, I wanted to create something that was new and fresh but also kept with tradition.  Also, they were starting the new year with launching a Singer Songwriter Open Mic Night to spotlight local talent.

The graphic below is being used to promote the twice monthly event on web and social media.  I also created a video to accompany the graphic which is available for viewing on by website  If you get a chance, check it out along with other videos I’ve done.

And I created a new logo which took the longest because I had to be careful not to change the look that has become their identity over the past 18 years, but doing something to help give it some freshness and a newer look.

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Overcoming Your Fear of Rejection in Sales

For anyone involved with sales, rejection is just part of life.  But not everyone can handle it.  Do you doubt yourself?  Do you fear the thought of getting turned down?  If you have difficulty with being rejected, watch this video.  Understanding your fear is the path to overcoming it.

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Windows Won’t Boot, What Do You Do?

So you turn on your computer one day and without any warning or provocation, Windows refuses to boot!  Now what do you do?   “Windows won’t boot” is a common symptom with a variety of causes, so you’ll need to perform some troubleshooting.

First, if your computer is still under warranty, the first step is to contact support for your computer.  But if you aren’t that fortunate, and before you toss it out the window or smash it with a hammer, then access this helpful article from the techs at How-To Geek with an easy to follow check list of suggestions that might help isolate and resolve the problem.  It might be something simple, and could save time and money before having to contact your local tech service.   LEARN MORE

New Logo Design Can Become More

I was contacted by a business to create a new logo for their business.  After many discussions and revisions, they decided on one of my logo designs that would capture and portray their business for years to come.


After completing the logo design, they contacted me to do other projects including display headers, inserts, stickers, and other graphic designs for their business.  Some of the projects I’d never done before, but I’m always up for a challenge.  It’s very gratifying to mold ideas into something visual and captivating.

For over 20 years, Kullberg Designs has created logo’s, websites and other graphic designs. For a no-obligation quote, or to review  some of our work, please visit