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Another service Kullberg Designs offers is creating flyers. Below are several examples for a local pizzeria. The owner of the pizzeria offers to donate a percentage of the sales to a local cause. This is a great way to not only to give back to the community but creates goodwill with customers plus helps increase business.  It’s a win-win for everyone!  We work with the pizzeria and organizers to create the flyer, then provide the organizers a PDF ready to print. They in turn are responsible for distributing the flyer to their membership, parents, employees, social media, etc. Also, we provide the pizzeria the PDF so it can be linked to their website and social media to promote as an event.  

The key to success with flyers is distribution, and getting it into the hands of as many people as possible. Give yourself at least a month to distribute the flyers, several months is even better. Be sure to remind everyone about it.  In the case of the pizzeria, they require a copy of the flyer to be counted in the percentage given to the charity. 

With some creativity and well planned efforts, your organization can raise money for a special event, provide assistance to a person or family in need, or help purchase much needed supplies for a school or non-profit organization. And if you need someone to create a flyer, please contact Kullberg Designs! 


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