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It’s been busy yet fulfilling…

Sorry for not posting in a while but I’ve been working on websites, graphic designs, plus other everyday stuff that somehow eats up a day.   But I wanted to share one favorite projects this past month which was creating a new logo and some other graphics for my favorite local pizzeria.

Celebrating their 18th year in business, I wanted to create something that was new and fresh but also kept with tradition.  Also, they were starting the new year with launching a Singer Songwriter Open Mic Night to spotlight local talent.

The graphic below is being used to promote the twice monthly event on web and social media.  I also created a video to accompany the graphic which is available for viewing on by website kullbergdesigns.com.  If you get a chance, check it out along with other videos I’ve done.

And I created a new logo which took the longest because I had to be careful not to change the look that has become their identity over the past 18 years, but doing something to help give it some freshness and a newer look.