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Kullberg Designs Creates New Website for Ohio Veterans Organization

As a veteran, it was an honor to create this website for one of our Ohio veterans organizations. Since many of our veteran organizations are on a very limited budget, when I was asked if I could provide the website at a major discount, I didn't hesitate to oblige. I am proud to have served our great country, and to honor those Ohio veterans who have served our country for the freedoms we enjoy today.

One of the requests was to offer a clickable map of Ohio counties with links to veteran organizations in each Ohio county. This option only took many hours to create but the final result was on target. When someone clicks on any Ohio county, it will automatically take them to the appropriate link. We also offer valuable information, events, laws and legislation, and resources too. To access the website, please click the button below.

Bruce Kullberg, founder and owner of Kullberg Designs and Unicom Services has been creating websites and offering website hosting for his clients since 1991. Before that, he was involved with creating his own own BBS (bulletin board system) in his basement (pre-Internet) for 5 years. You can find out more about Bruce Kullberg at kullbergdesigns.com or follow/like him on his Facebook page.

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