PC Backup – How to Get Started

You know you’re supposed to back up your data.  Not doing so can shorten your life span and everyone around you!  Believe me, I know … I’ve been in the computer business for over 25 years and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had customers begging and pleading with me to restore their hard drive since ‘every pictures they’ve ever taken is stored on that device’!

We all know we’re supposed to back up our data. We could go so far as to say that a backup of digital data is essential to a person’s well-being and peace of mind. (One copy of a file on your computer does not a backup make. Redundancy, people, redundancy.)  PC Magazine does an excellent job of offering ways to get your information stored so you aren’t calling someone who can helpfully help!  (And if you’re wondering, I use a cloud service on all my computers.)   READ MORE

What Apps Are Best for Your Business?

Running a business isn’t easy.  And if you want to use your mobile device to help you with managing it, there are literally thousands of apps claiming to be the best!  Thankfully, someone did the work and found 10 essential apps for e-commerce business owners.

Check out this article that covers crucial areas such as  marketing, inventory management, accounting and finance, productivity, project and team management.   READ MORE


Free VPN Service to Protect Yourself

Very little in life is truly free, but as far as virtual private networks (or VPNs) are concerned, you can get quite a bit for nothing. Though you'll likely have to pay to get all the features of the best VPN services, there are many free options available. If it's the price tag that has prevented you from using a VPN, you should definitely try one of these services.  READ MORE

Improving Your Health Through Technology

8 Ways Technology Is Improving Your Health

We hear all the time about how technology is bad for us. Since the introduction of computers, we spend more time sitting at a desk than moving around at work. We have created this sedentary lifestyle that is causing havoc in our overall life.

What if I were to tell you that technology has produced benefits? Would you believe me if I said that technology is good for your health?

Most of you wouldn’t look at first. Well, you may be able to think of a couple of ways that the computer has helped, but you are still stuck on all the negatives that ‘experts’ have shared in the past. The problem with the ‘experts’ is that they are only focused on the negatives. They haven’t looked at so many of the benefits.

So, that’s what we’ll do today. We’ll consider all the ways that technology improves our health. We’ll discuss just how it has boosted results in certain areas of healthcare and what it does for us daily.


It is what you make it so make it better

7 Ways to Make a Boring Day Extraordinary

How to Inject Some Fun and Wonder Into Your Regular Routine


If you’ve been trying (and failing) for a while to break out of your humdrum daily routine and seize life by the cajones (thank you high school Spanish), you might want to start smaller and see how everything already around you is already interesting and wonderful just the way it is.

In the spirit of those “1,000 Reasons to Be Happy” lists that were all the rage in the 90’s, here’s my simple list of how you can add some oomph into your day, even if you have no special plans or special funds to give your life a jump start.    READ MORE

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Featured Contributor on OrangeCelebration.com

Featured Contributor to OrangeCelebration.com

Laurie Zinn

We are proud to have Laurie as our first Featured Contributor to our OC Business page, and will be highlighting special how-to articles she has written to help with your business growth.

Laurie Zinn lives in Orange Township, and is a freelance writer and owner of Line-By-Line. She helps businesses communicate with their customers through website content, blog articles, email marketing campaigns and social media. For more information about Line-By-Line, visit http://line-by-line.us or contact Laurie at laurie@line-by-line.us.

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FYI – December 15

Gomix is the easiest way to build the app or bot of your dreams

With working example apps to remix, a code editor to modify them, instant hosting and deployment – anybody can build a web app on Gomix, for free.    LEARN MORE

Yahoo Hacked ‘again’, only this time bigger

According to WIRED, In September, Yahoo had the unfortunate distinction of disclosing an enormous 500 million-account breach. Tough stuff. Somehow, though, the company seems to have topped even that staggering figure. Yahoo announced on Wednesday that hackers, in what’s likely a separate attack, compromised one billion of the company’s user accounts in August 2013. One billion. That makes this the biggest known hack of user data ever, and it’s not really close.  LEARN MORE