PC Backup – How to Get Started

You know you’re supposed to back up your data.  Not doing so can shorten your life span and everyone around you!  Believe me, I know … I’ve been in the computer business for over 25 years and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had customers begging and pleading with me to restore their hard drive since ‘every pictures they’ve ever taken is stored on that device’!

We all know we’re supposed to back up our data. We could go so far as to say that a backup of digital data is essential to a person’s well-being and peace of mind. (One copy of a file on your computer does not a backup make. Redundancy, people, redundancy.)  PC Magazine does an excellent job of offering ways to get your information stored so you aren’t calling someone who can helpfully help!  (And if you’re wondering, I use a cloud service on all my computers.)   READ MORE

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