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Hi! My name is Bruce Kullberg, and I’ve been involved with the online world since the days of running a Bulletin Board in my basement.  Yes, that’s before Internet.  Since 1991, I’ve been creating website and graphic designs. You can say I’m kind of addicted to it!  So this blog is my way of sharing some of those experiences during my journey, and offer ideas, resources and helpful tips that keeps me on my path.  I really appreciate taking time out of your day to stop by and take a peak. I know there’s  millions of other places you could be right now, and sharing this time and space with me is more than I could ask for.  Thank you!  All the best in your life, and may your journey be bless with happiness and good health.

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Web Creation/Graphic Designs: unicomsvcs.com
Web Hosting/Domain Registration: unicomweb
Facebook: facebook.com/kullbergdesigns
Twitter: twitter.com/kullbergdesigns
Linked-In: linkedin.com/in/unicomservices
Flickr: flickr.com/photos/126369230@N02/

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