Windows 10 Update Issues


Recently I tried to run a scheduled update for Windows 10.  It failed.  From what I’m seeing on the Internet, it seems there are many Window 10 users are having the same experience. For me, this was an easy fix (but do so at your own risk. I’m not responsible for what might happen to your operating system as a results of altering, deleting or changing files .)   If you want to give it a try :

1 -Go to: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download
2 – Delete everything in the Download folder (do not delete the folder, just the contents)
3 – Reboot
4 – Go to settings/update and run again.  Or type at start>cmd  wuauclt.exe /updatenow
5 – Reboot
6 – To see if it worked, go back to settings/update. It should now say “Your device is up to date. Last checked …. [date you updated].

If you continue to have issues, here are some other suggestions:  click here for other options >


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