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DUES NOTICE. Due letters have been mailed. Please see the attached letter if you didn’t receive your invoice in the mail and remit on or before April 1, 2019. Due letter  


Meeting was held on 1/15/19 with approximately 33 home owners represented along with HOA board members, Matt Scheibeck, Chuck Himes, and Karla Truxall. Thank you to everyone that took the time out of your busy schedules to attend.

Meeting Notes:

Reserve Funds – Discussed the purpose/reason for the large reserve in account  is to support the renovation for landscaping and entry sign off Old State Road construction

Reviewed financial review/reports are acceptable in current format and available for any resident to review upon request per our HOA review board and attorneys

Requested members to establish a committee to review the South Old State renovation project and report back at annual meeting as cost for same is uncertain at this time. Committee established and understood that a board member needs to be involved in any forthcoming meetings. Further communications will be provided as available

Trash Cans Visibility – Concern over the by-laws language and interpretation by residents.  Matt Scheibeck reviewed the details on the by-laws as currently stated. Nothing reconciled at this time.  Stated the properties that were in violation of the by-laws are being turned over to the HOA attorneys for reconciliation

Annual dues voted by group for 2019 of $200.  Dues letters to be sent out and reviewed at Annual meeting for residents that have not paid

Lawn care - Voted to keep the current lawn care company for the 2019 season (Crawford)

Crawford to provide a quote to remove dead trees for Spring cleanup

Discussed the concerns of speeding on both Coldharbor Blvd. and Aurora Ave. – Township advised we could install signage as indicated below.  Tabled to discuss further at the Annual meeting.

Meeting moved to adjourn by Patrick Brandt and seconded by Maggie Massaro

Additional Topics Reviewed at Meeting:


Orange Township(Aaron James/Bill Cohen-new director) advises they do not like speed bumps due to the upkeep as well as studies by state of Ohio indicates they do not reduce speeders.  Cars speed up between the bumps. Agreed there would be further review at the annual meeting for next steps due to the investment required.

Speed signs installed at $2500 each.  HOA buys one and Orange Township will by one. Township will maintain unless they are hit and broken (Solar)

Powell Rd. update

Trees now being removed

Utilities will be moved in the Spring

Most likely construction will not start until 2020

There will be an access road opened up on Lyra to gain access to I71 – private job so unknown how soon that will happen

Street signs

Township will place reflective signs on our poles.  The sign on Gainer/Powell road was placed on the stop sign as it was done by the county and not the township.

We are getting quotes to replace the poles where necessary – Expect to have more details in the spring on anticipated cost.

Karla Truxall

Secretary, Oak Creek East HOA


Budget Reports now available click here

Board Meeting, November 17, 2018

The OCE Trustees met on 11/17 for an internal meeting with the following update:

• Quarterly meetings will be held going forward with the Q1 meeting to be held on 1/15/19 @ 7:00 pm at the Orange Township Hall.  2019 annual dues will be determined at this meeting. The following meeting will be held in April and reflects the formal Annual OCE Home Owners meeting.  Exact time will be published as soon as confirmed with a mailing to all residents with notification of this meeting. All residents are encouraged to attend.

• The Trustee are moving forward to have all street poles painted and repaired or replaced where necessary.

• The Trustees are also moving forward to have any debris in the ravines cleaned up where appropriate

• Homeowners on record for Oak Creek East with outstanding 2018 dues (due date of 5/1/18) and older are being turned over to our attorney.  These residents will be receiving information for same regarding a lien and costs to obtain payment for the dues that are outstanding. Please contact any of the trustees if there are any questions or concerns regarding this action.

• Residents that are not abiding to the Deed restrictions and/or  by- laws (Article III Section 8) regarding  garbage  cans to be concealed from view of the neighbors and/or street are being turned over to the OCE home owners’ attorneys for reconciliation.

We hope to see a solid turn out at our next meeting on 1/15/19.  Have a safe and happy holiday season.

OCE Home Owners Board of Trustees


South Old State Expansion

Please read the following document affecting Oak Creek East and the South Old State Rd expansion project. (PDF Format)

110 Corporate Resolution
110 Offer Package
122 Offer Package

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